1973 "Suzanna in the Summer" ('Airbus' for Epic Records)
1977 "Tiny Tears" (TV Commercial)
1977 "Its the Funny Way" - "Voices of the night" ('Martin Jay' for DJM Records)
1978 "One two three" - Heavens Door" ('Martin Jay' for DJM Records)
1979 "Making Love to you" ('Martin Jay' for DJM Records)
1979 "SunTan" ('Redskin' for Decca Records)
1980 "Hot Summer Night" ('Martin Jay' for EMI Records)
1982 "Walking Back to Happiness" ('Helen Shapiro' for Channel 4 Film)
1983 "Forever Young" (All the music for Channel 4 film)
1984 "Federation Breweries" (TV & Radio Commercial)
1984 "Co-op Homemaker" (TV & Radio Cemmercial)
1985 "Power City" (TV & Radio commercial)
1985 "Townsend Thoresen" (TV & Radio Commercial)
1985 "Schnorbitz" ('Bernie Winters' for Spartan Records)
2003 "Great Expectations" (The Musical)
2008 Write & Record 2 x 60 minute "Relaxation" Music albums for 'Chiball Yoga
2009 Write & Record 6 x 60 minute "Relaxation" Music albums for 'Chiball Yoga
2011 "ReUnited" Album (Tina Charles & 5000 Volts)
2012 "In My Life" Album (Mike Nolan)
2013 "Don't let the sun go down on me" Joe McElderry
2013 Album (Craig Neil)
Below are just some of the records, commercials & Film music that I have produced over the years

The style of music is varied as you can see, from Pop/Rock music to Atmospheric Mood music for Yoga DVD's, to TV & Radio commercials & even films & musicals
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