1970: "Send Suzanna Home" (RCA records).
1970: "My Kind of Music" (Beacon records).
1972: "Jennifer Generator" (RCA records).
1972: "Delta Queen" (Barclay records) This single was only ever released in Europe.
1973: "Ali Baba" (RAK records).
1974: "Three Bells" (PYE records).
1974: "Fly away" ('Airbus' Epic records). This single went top 10 in Europe but was never released in the UK.
1975: "Bye Bye Raindrops" (PYE records).
1975: "Compromise" (with Tina Charles & Nicky North on United Artists records)
1975: "Sooner or Later" (20th Century records).
1975: "Bye Love" ('Airbus' Epic Records), duet with Tina Charles & follow-up to 1st 'Airbus' European hit "Fly Away".
1975: "I'm on Fire"('5000 Volts' Phonogram records). This single sold in excess of 4 million singles worldwide.
1976/77: '5000 Volts' have follow up hit singles in Europe and the UK with "Dr Kiss Kiss", "Motion Man" & "Light the flame of love"
1977: Martin leaves '5000 Volts' to pursue his own solo career on the DJM record label.
Produces & Records 6 Singles on DJM records: "Holly Holy", "It's the Funny Way", "Voices of the Night", "One Two Three", "Heavens Door" & "Making Love to You".
1978: "Stay" (Pye records).
1978: Records and Produces "Sun Tan" (Decca records).
1980: "Hot Summer Night" (EMI records).
1981: "Aint no stoppin us now" medley and "I love music" medley with 'Enigma' on Creole record label. Both were Hit singles in the UK charts.
1981: "Back to the 60's" by 'Tight Fit' sold in excess of 4 million singles worldwide.
1981: "Everyday" (Alacrity records).
1983: "Lets Groove medley" (Passion Records).
1991: "Saturday Night Fever Megamix" by 'UK Mixmasters'. Top twenty hit in the UK.
2012: "ReUnited" Tina Charles & 5000 Volts

In my career I have recorded many records under various Pseudonyms, some were successful and some were not

Below are some of the singles that I recorded.